Gift Certificates / Gift Packages


Dance, Musical Theater or Baton Gift Certificates and Gift Packages

Gift Certificates and Gift Packages are available October 1 through December 15 for purchase and pick up at the studio. All are beautifully decorated with a Winter theme. Gift certificates are suitable for adults.

Gift Certificates: $50, $100, $150

Gift Packages by age:

  • Teddy Bear Gift Package (2.5 - 5 yrs):

    • One month of ballet & tumbling classes (4 classes, one per week)
    • One Pink Leotard
    • One pair pink tights
    • One pair pink ballet shoes
    • One Ballet Bear
    • Purchase this package for $120.
  • Pre-Ballet Gift Package (6 - 8 yrs):

    • One month of Pre-Ballet classes (4 classes, one per week)
    • One Pink or Black Leotard
    • One pair pink tights
    • One pair ballet shoes
    • One Dance Shoe Bag
    • Purchase this package for $115.
  • Junior Spotlight Gift Package (9 - 12 yrs):

    • One month of Jazz, Hip Hop and Musical Theater classes (8 classes, 2 per week)
    • One rhinestone dancer pin
    • Purchase this package for $125.
  • Majorette Gift Package (6 - 16)

    • One month of Baton Twirling Lessons (4 classes, one per week)
    • A Professionally Balanced Baton
    • Purchase this package for $95.


Be sure to allow 10 days - 2 weeks for the arrival of batons, leotards and shoes if not in stock at the time of purchase. If needed, we usually have spare shoes and spare batons in a variety of sizes students may use while waiting for their own to arrive. Only cash payments are accepted. Please visit our registration page for a list of days/times to drop by to purchase gift certificates or gift packages. All gift certificates and lessons included in gift packages must be used within 3 months of the date of purchase. All purchases require you to register in advance for classes. Class attendance is void after 90 days if you have not registered in advance of the 90 day expiration. There are no refunds, no returns or exchanges offered on gift certificates or gift packages/classes.

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