Hip Hop and Urban dance instructor, Tiemi Washington, Newport News Tiemi Washington

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Tiemi is a talented urban dance teacher and choreographer who has made dance her passion in life. Her desire is to mix the different disciplines of Hip Hop (break-dancing, popping, new style, boogaloo, etc.) as well as House dance and Free-Style / Improvisation with other influences such as African traditional dancing, Oriental traditional, Orisha, Flamenco, Modern, and Jazz, to name a few.

She has taught, collaborated and created for the Biennial of Dance of Lyon (5 editions of "Le Defile"), the Opera of Lyon, the National Centre of Dance as well as various dance companies, cultural centers and theaters.

She has worked with people of all ages from 5 to 60+, people from all walks of life. In her career she has found it particularly rewarding to create, develop and share through projects written for community and cultural development, mediation and understanding.

Tiemi resides in Hampton with her husband and teenage son.

Teaching, Collaborations, Creations:

  • The Biennial of Dance of Lyon (5 editions in 10 years of "Le Defile")
  • The Opera of Lyon
  • The National Centre of Music (conservatory)
  • Various dance companies (Mayada, Les Zurbamateurs, Guesme, La Seciton Gonz', Kafig, l'Ecole du Cirque du 5eme...)
  • Numerous community centres, theatres, cultural centres, private dance schools, public schools & discipline-specific workshops principally in Lyon, France and other French cities and regions.
  • International artistic/dance exchanges (England, Germany, Instanbul, Senegal, Romania, Italy and Portugal) through foundations such as FORTE, InterArts, the Schlesiche27, the CCO de Villeurbanne and the cultural development department of the town of St Genis Lavale.

Co-founder of two non-profit artistic organizations/associations:

  • La Section-Gonz - (in collaboration with Viviane Kolade) - A Hip Hop artist's collective for youth creating projects associating civic, family and community values with dance, music, Dj'ing, Gospel and graffitti-art
  • La Compagnie Guesme - (in collaboration with Nadia Lobet) - A company that also uses Hip Hop and the "urban" arts as pedagogical tools to widen the cultural spectrum of artists and non-artists, young and old, bringing dancers to theater, singers to writing, etc.. mixing many genres through social and community projects.
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